‘For girls’ – The charm used on ‘hard-to-get’ girls

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As part of my usual experiences with teenage boys and girls. I have heard a popular phrase used by teenagers, “They say it’s called for girls”. I found it difficult to understand this phrase, so I researched into its meaning. I combed the streets of Nungua, through Teshie, Osu, Korle- Gonno and Chorkor, just to find out what “for girls” meant.

As part of Light for Development (LfD) projects, I happened to help a young lady whom I will call Naa, a fourteen year six months old pregnant girl who stays around Teshie. This year LFD has targeted to helping young teenage girls with issues of teenage pregnancy, deviant behaviors, poor performing students, poverty, prostitution, drug addicts etc.

I had an interview with Naa who had dropped out of school because she became pregnant. She claimed she was impregnated by a trotro mate who stays in her neighborhood. I ask her what happened and lo and behold she spoke that phrase, it’s ‘for girls. She got pregnant because she slept with a man who charmed her and this charm is called for girls.

She narrated, “All the guys in my neighborhood think am proud and hard to get. The guy used a charm called for girls ‘to charm me. After he had charmed me and gotten what he wanted from me. He went about the neighborhood proclaiming that he had finally gotten me and that he used ‘for girls’ to charm  me” This was Naa’s words when I interviewed her.  I couldn’t believe when I heard. Do these things exist? Are they still real?  Where do these guys get them from?  I then interviewed a group of guys to find out more about this charm.

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Am writing this piece for my young ladies to be aware of the things around them.

These charms are allegedly sourced from mallams, herbalists, psychic healers etc and at very cheap prices though some are quite expensive. They come in different forms some come in powders, rings, handkerchiefs, perfumes, handshakes, black pencils etc.

Some of these guys wear these rings and put on these perfumes to attract specific ladies they want. Others also sprinkle powders and also shake their handkerchiefs on the victims to charm them.

The charm is a spiritual thing so ladies you might not see it.   Be careful of the people around you and look out for some of these things if a guy is persisting too much on having you; look out whether he is genuine or not. My teenage girls, avoid being in any situation where you will be charmed with these things.

Finally, I will urge you to pray because the bible says “that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper” Well, I know I have being biased with this article about the girls. However, ladies also have what they use to charm men. So men, also beware


Source: Director, Light for Development (LfD) | Mrs. Sandra Boakye-Yiadom


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