‘Ghanaian Comedians Not Ripe For World Stage’

In the last couple of weeks, Ghanaian stand-up comedians have been basking in such glory, following DKB’s great performance at the last edition of the Charterhouse-organized, ‘Nite of 1000 Laughs’ – but not everybody thinks they have what it takes to the take the world by storm, not yet.

Veteran Ghanaian satirist/actor/director and author, Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) has declared that, although the likes of DKB and co. have demonstrated to Ghanaians that Ghanaian stand-up comedians have the potential and need to be giving more opportunity to be able to perfect their craft, he believes we don’t have a crop of comedians who are ready to take over the world stage.

The internationally-known satirist has expressed that; Ghanaians should be very happy that DKB has proven that the potential is there at the time that Ghanaian comedians have been classified as not having the talent to excel.

“For now, we do not have the crop of comedians who are ready to take over the world stage and just massacre the audience. I don’t think so,” he said.

KSM declared that, majority of the comedians have not raised the bar and it’s just a very few of them who pay attention to the craft. According to him, many of them appear as joke tellers instead of appearing as comedians.

“I see many Ghanaian comedians as joke tellers and there’s a difference between telling a joke and being a comedian,” he voiced out.
He opined that the comparison between Ghanaian comedians and Nigerians will forever continue and Nigerians will perpetually be seen to be better until Ghanaians raise the bar.

He revealed that majority of the Nigerian comedians are not extraordinary, but they seem that way to the fans because our comedians have not pulled their weight yet.

“In fairness, the population of Nigeria is not a big deal – we don’t have the numbers yet, but if Ghanaian comedians put themselves together and work hard, I don’t see how the Nigerians can whip them on any stage, but for now, they haven’t perfected to the level that am talking about, and until then, that difference and comparison will always be there,” he stated
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