GH. ‘Skit Lords’: Jeffrey Nortey, SDK, Waris & More

By Arnold Asamaoh-Baidoo

Music and movies have dominated the creative industry for ages and although comedy has existed for years, one can boldly assert that, the industry found its proper placing on the log of the most patronized fields with the entire creative domain.

Since COVID hit in 2019-2020, skit making in Ghana became a ‘thing’, with the Ghanaian comedians taking a cue from their Nigerian counterparts, who, in all sincerity – saw the light, explored and exploited that avenue.

To attempt to compare the Nigerian skit industry to ours would be quite laughable considering the size of their market, the level of support and patronage as well as the kind of money the likes of Broda Shaggy, Ziclosoma, Sydney, Brian Jotter and the many other are making.

The good thing is; the skit comedy industry in Ghana is picking up quite fast with some talented, fast-rising comedians are capitalizing on digital technology, content creation, distribution and consumption to create a viable field within the creative industry

‘Skit Lords’ & More!

There are quite a number of comedians who are taking skit comedy to a whole new level in the country but arguably, the top comedians who are leading the pack with regard to reach, patronage and critical mention are Jeffrey Nortey, SDK Dele, MadeinGhana and Comedian Waris.

Jeffrey Nortey, who is an actor, presenter and spoken word artiste is taking the skit comedy industry to another level and gradually bringing some well-needed attention to that sector.

Jeffrey is talented, obviously, – but his experience as an actor, a TV Presenter and a poet makes it quite easy for him to excel in that sector –arguably making him one of the sought-after stars in that field.

SDK is winning and one can know by how many business firms engage him for his creativity. No one in that industry has and still working for as many brands like SDK – from eateries to pubs and hotels.

The likes of MadeinGhana and Comedian Waris are also doing well and have been able to use their comedy to cut into the areas of music and film.

The other burgeoning stars in that sector are Pastor with Dreadlocks, AshibotoGh, and David Entertainer among others. 


The skit comedy space has become another job creation point – allowing quite a number of people to find something meaningful to do within that sector. Aside the employment opportunities, these people are committing many resources to the craft.

The effort, personnel and time expended on these skits cannot be underestimated. What is intriguing is the quality being produced by the comedians; top-notch quality productions that can show anywhere.

The resources being injected in these productions are an attestation of the level of commitment being shown by these guys and there is no stopping them at this moment.


Consistency is key when it comes to content driven by digital technology and showcased online. When one takes a break from constant posting of material, the patrons move to the next thing.

With such knowledge, these young skit comedians are producing new materials almost every day, with the hope of staying relevant and cementing the fame and popularity while maintaining fulfilling careers.

With 50,000 subscribers for Jeffrey and less for the others on their respective You Tube Channel, these comedians have somewhat relaxed in the constant postings on their You Tube channel and doing more on their Instagram pages.

These guys should take not relent on any platform but inundate all their social media pages from Twitter to YouTube.


Unity has been a bane for our creative space, with lots of bickering and in fighting on all fronts of the industry but that is not so at the comedy section. Just like the Nigerians, these skit comedians have this level of unity that is enviable.

They do not hesitate to feature in skits together, willing to feature in each other’s material and are open to elevate each other.

Hardly do you hear and see them bicker or have them undermine each other for roles. If there are, these guys have such a way of not letting them out in public and probably figure out ways of dealing with them.

The level of unity being exhibited by these comedians is exemplary and must be encouraged. Players in the other sectors must emulate this attitude of elevating each other while projecting Ghanaian comedy.


Skit comedy is doing well but not there yet! To get to that level, the sector and these comedians need support. First is patronage. Ghanaians must do more by patronizing the works of these guys. Making noise about their efforts while sharing and projecting their materials just as we do the Nigerians.

By creating jobs, the sector is solving one of the biggest economic plaques and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture could offer any form of support where necessary.

These guys need funds, the financial succour to produce quality material and one of the ways to attain such support is from corporate firms and other brands. With the level of reach these comedians are hitting, it only makes business sense for other brands to collaborate with these comedians.









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