GET THE DIFFERENCE! I Am Not Riding On Ebony’s Fame-Wendy Shay

By Deborah Kotei/Entertainmentgh

Wendy Shay

Fast rising artist Wendy Shay, has emphatically stated that the comparison between she and Ebony has to stop, because she is in no way riding on her fame.

According to the ‘Astalavista’ hitmaker, she can understand Ghanaians when they say she is trying to copy Ebony simply because of the content of the song.

On the Delay show where she made this clarification, the host for the show Delay, quizzed, finding out whether or not she was continuing what Ebony left unfinished. In response to that Wendy stated; “Even if Ghanaians see it that way, good works are looked at in order to be an example for some of us to look at so we can be at a better place. Ebony came to do a lot of things musically, so if people see it as though i am copying her, then that is a plus for me.”

To further defend herself, she reminded Ghanaians that she shares the same manager with the late Ebony hence, it is expectant that there would be some feel of Ebony in her songs.

Finally to her cyber bullies, now, she understands better her field of work so she does not take whatever they say to heart.

Kindly watch the interview below;

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