Funny Face Was Not Prepared For Marriage – Counselor Lutterodt

Comedian Funny Face, known in private life as Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng has incurred the wrath of many after subjecting his wife, Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim to public ridicule reports!

One of such is controversial marriage counselor, George Lutterodt who described the comedian as “a stupid boy”.

Funny Face broke up with his wife in 2016, ending what he said was two torturous years of marriage. He blamed himself for the outcome of the marriage, alleging his wife slept with some of his best friends.

But a year after the Comedian made public his divorce, Funny Face has conceded he rushed into the marriage.

“I didn’t do my homework well before marrying her. Big buttocks and ass and hips pushed me into marrying her,” he told Accra-based UTV.

Commenting on the issue in an exclusive interview on Kofi TV, Counselor George Lutterodt said Funny Face was not matured for marriage.

He indicated that, the fact that you can have sexual intercourse does not mean you can be husband.

“The wife is not a bad person; Funny Face is the bad one because he was not prepared and trained to be a husband” he added.

Counselor Lutterodt could not fathom why Funny Face will make a big deal if his wife cheated since according to him, “cheating is part of marriage so nobody is surprised if our wife is cheating”.

He predicted Funny Face could face the same problem if he starts another relationship with a different woman. “If we don’t help Funny Face, when he marries 10 times, it will collapse.

If we help him, he will choose right” he added. Counselor Lutterodt however chided the estrange couple for exposing their secrets in public and called on their families to call them to order.

“The allegation and counter allegations between Funny Face and his wife is child’s play” he stated.


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