Friends Not Loyal: D-black & Joey B No Longer Working Together

It is a normal phenomenon to have friends part ways and artists leave record labels -situations that are characteristics of the showbiz industry, especially music.

For awhile, D-Black, head of Black Avenue Muzik, has rarely been seen together with his artist, Joey B, and observers picked the signs of a possible tiff between the two.

The two have not been seen together at events, at shows and definitely not each others music videos and fans felt the awkwardness in the once ‘tight’ relationship.

According to Hitz ‘Entertainment News’, D-Black, in responding to the purported tiff between the two stated that, there’s no issue between himself and the ‘You x Me” hitmaker.

He stated that Joey B was no longer signed to Black Avenue Musik, the label that catapulted the artist to the limelight after the remix and projection of his song, ‘Strawberry Ginger’.

He also mentioned that, Joey has moved on to pursue his own thing and as far as he (D-Black) is concerned, there’s no rift.

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