FORGET THE REST! The Biggest Tune For 2017 Is Here

It’s only 4 months into the New Year, and some Ghanaian artists are already making news with the release of ‘big’ songs which are getting rave reviews- can state!

This portal can state that, the biggest tune released thus far in the year, is Nacee’s bolstering banger with rapper, Guru.

The single, ‘Boys Boys’, which was officially released today is causing ‘pandemonium’ on the airwaves.

Boys Boys’ basically talks about deception and ‘borrowed’ lifestyle among the youth; bragging about what one does not possess. It teaches contentment and self-gratification with what one has.

The production is groovy, melodious and infectious, arguably, one of the finest works of Nacee, off the upcoming album, ‘Counselor 2’.

The song is on all major music online platforms.


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