First 100 Days In Office: Minister for Creative Arts makes promises & wants a male as Deputy

The Minister designate for Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts, just days after her nomination, has made some bold promises, which she hopes to achieve by the close of her first 100 days in office – can state.

Madam Catherine Afeku, speaking on Peace FM’s ‘Entertainment Review’ over the weekend, stated that, she would do everything possible to ensure that the Creative Arts Bill becomes an Act plus the creation and operations of the Creative Arts Council – all within the first 100 days of her tenure as Minister of the sector.

She spoke of how the law is an essential tool and its passing and implementation would ensure adequate private sector investment within the sector.

Madam Afeku also addressed the need for funding in the industry, stating that, it provides muscle to its development.

“Ghana is 60 years in the next two months, we deserve better,” she said.

On the issue of who fills the position of Deputy Minister, a matter that has generated a lot of banter; she made her preferences known.

As monitored by, she stated that – for the sake of gender balance, she would love to have a male occupy the Deputy slot.

Kwadwo Antwi - Aspiring Deputy Minister
Kwadwo Antwi – Aspiring Deputy Minister

She also disclosed that, she wish that the selection of the Deputy Minister, which is the prerogative of the President – would come from the Creative Arts.

Socrate Safo- vying for Deputy Minister
Socrate Safo- vying for Deputy Minister

“I do have a say in who deputizes me but the decision lies with the President, Nana Akufo-Addo,” she said.

On possible names; she revealed that, she is very active on social media and has seen the names that are being mentioned consistently – that of Socrate Safo and Kwadwo Antwi.

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