Fire At Big Brother House Could Be A Publicity Stunt

Big Brother Africa, arguably the most-watched reality show in Africa has grown popular over the years but it became unpopular recently due to the many issues that came up in months and days leading to the launch of the ninth edition of the show next month.

The replacement of Angola, the side-lining of Liberia and Sierra Leone and the rejection of representatives selected from Ghana, all for various reasons – made ardent fans lose trust in the show and it became necessary for Endemol, organizers of the show to whip up interest for the show. How they did it or how they are doing it, is under critical scrutiny.

Some reliable media outlets across Africa, especially Eastern Africa are purporting that the fire outbreak that was said to have damaged the Big Brother house could be a publicity gimmick, a move made to draw attention to the upcoming season – considering how fast the organizers have been able to release photos of the new house just days after the fire outbreak.

In one of the articles published about the possible prank, Brenda Buara of the ‘The Daily Monitor’ in Uganda presented the piece below:
Fans of the reality TV show Big Brother Africa (BBA) were served with news that Big Brother ‘Hotshots’, the ninth season of the reality TV show was going to be postponed because of a fire that destroyed the studio.


If you are a Big Brother fan after eight seasons of twists and pranks, chances are that you will not believe certain things until they happen or do not happen like we are being made to believe. Just like the news which lacked detail, images of the fire scene at the BBA Sasani studios in Highlands North, Johannesburg looked suspicious.


Most only showed the studio’s roof which was semi-invisible because of the smoke, lots of darkish smoke. The images also showed a fire brigade vehicle but no actual fire, half burnt chairs, cameras, carpets and the like. But given how the media was buzzing with the story, saying that the fire might be a prank would come off as a conspiracy or even a sadist’s remarks.


Tina Wamala, the Multichoice Uganda Publicist Tina Wamala says, “It is not a prank, it is the unfortunate truth. The house actually caught a fire.”

But the conspiracy theory that this could be another of Big Brother’s pranks was fuelled yesterday evening when The Big Brother Hotshots Facebook page’s sent out a post saying, “Big Brother has some good news. You and your friends should be here at 13:00 CAT.” No “news” was posted at 1pm but about three hours later pictures of what looks like a Big Brother House were sent out with a question, “Do you like what you see?”

In a statement on the Big Brother ‘Hotshots’ Facebook page, signed off as Caroline Creasy, Head of Corporate Affairs, Multichoice Africa, it stated that all 56 cameras in the Sasani studios had been destroyed and; “The Production of the highly anticipated Big Brother Hotshots will most likely happen in another country.”

The house has special glass for crews to shoot behind scenes, so we can’t simply build a new house. We have to look elsewhere at other Big Brother Houses around the world to complete the production.

She further explains that; “Producers and team members have already located two houses and still under negotiations. Relocating the production to another country will involve booking flights, and arranging new visas for crew and contestants. This is a major challenge for us, but we have a great team and are prepared for major logistical projects.”

And what could probably be the icing on the cake is the post saying; “There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. Live, then, and be happy and never forget, that all human wisdom is contained in these two words, ‘Wait and Hope.”
Credit: Razz Newspaper


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