Finally! Okraku-Mantey Opens Up On Why He Took KMJ Off Hitz FM

After leaving listeners of Hitz FM wondering why Kleff Maxwell Justice (KMJ) was axed from the station’s morning show, Head of Programmes, Mark Okraku-Mantey has broken silence and says the decision was tactical, can report.

Kleff Maxwell Justice (KMJ)

KMJ was off the show for weeks due to an ailment that got him hospitalized and Andy Dosty, the regular host of the midmorning show, ‘Music Box’ was made the sit-in host.

Andy Dosty eventually became the substantive host of Daybreak Hitz, a decision which some listeners of the station could not come to terms with, especially when there were earlier reports of a conspiracy to kick out KMJ and replace him with Andy Dosty.

Addressing the issue on Daybreak Hitz, Thursday, Okraku-Mantey said management thought it wise to effect a “tactical” change in the interest of the station and its listeners.

“KMJ is still with us at Multimedia. We just made some changes just like any other coach will do at Barcelona or Arsenal. DJ Black wasn’t playing mid-morning but it happens. I think people do not understand our space. But in the coaching business, especially when it has to do with creativity, when you are tactical, there is no cast and stone team that you can’t be making changes…

“Things can change at any time just to make sure that you the listener, you’re happy. Unless you tell me Andy Dosty is not making you happy; then we’ll think through. It was a tactical decision that we took,” he explained.

KMJ is now with Adom FM, a subsidiary of Multimedia Group

Okraku-Mantey however dispelled claims that the decision to take KMJ off was fueled by Prince Tsegah, a staff of Multimedia who doubles as a member of the panelists of Daybreak Hitz.

“Prince doesn’t take decisions. He doesn’t. He is not a manager. I take decisions at Hitz FM. If you have any jab, you can keep calling me a mafia. That’s not a bad title at all,” he said.

KMJ hosted Daybreak Hitz for two years.


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