FAREWELL! Phil Collins bids emotional farewell to fans at his final concert

Music legend Phil Collins held his last concert ever amid his ongoing health issues.

Collins was joined by Genesis bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks for their last show ever at London’s 02 Saturday evening. Collins, 71, performed the show sitting down and quipped to the crowd he will now need to find a real job, the Daily Mail reported.

The band reunited for The Last Domino? Tour this year after postponing due to the coronavirus. The tour came after a 14-year live performance hiatus.

Collins has suffered from numerous health issues in recent years, including dislocating vertebrae in his neck in 2007 that left nerve damage to his hands. He has used a cane since 2015, when he had back surgery, and revealed in September he can “barely hold” a drumstick.

“I don’t do anything at all. I don’t practise singing at home, not at all. Rehearsing is the practice,” Collins told the Guardian in September.

“These guys are always having a go at me for not, but I have to do it this way. Of course, my health does change things, doing the show seated changes things. But I actually found on my recent solo tours, it didn’t get in the way; the audience were still listening and responding. It’s not the way I would have written it, but it’s the way that it is,” he continued.

Source: yahoo

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