Fantana – Capo Tana: Same ‘Hot’ Girl, Fresh Music

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

The year 2019 was a Fantana year! Introduced by then the hottest label, Rufftown Records/Midas Touch Inc. – Ghanaians got their hands full with bangers from that quarters.

As seen across the world where artistes part ways with their labels, Fantana and Rufftown went their separate ways, then came a hiatus for a couple of months.

Now, Francine Nyanko Koffi, affectionately called Fantana and now with an additional moniker, Capo Tana, is back!


From 2019 to 2020, Fantana, under the aegis of Rufftown, Midas Touch and Blown Management had such a good run. Over 5 major releases; from the debut single, Say What to Girls Hate on Girls, New African Girl to Rich Gyal Anthem and others – Fantana made her presence known.

There’s no bad music video to all her songs; a feature that defines her brand and her record label and management team.

Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal is a critical element in the music business and as an artiste, if you have it, you utilize it to your advantage and Fantana has it. Has she used it her benefit? Absolutely!

She is pretty, sultry and exudes such confidence in her skin.

From her pictorial on her social media pages to her music videos, Fantana never relents in showcasing her sensuality and she gets full marks for it.


Controversies do sell and in the show business, if you are not talked about, then you might be in the wrong business. Fantana is definitely in the right business, as she is one of the most-talked-about female entertainers in the business.

From her infamous performance with the sanitary pad to her time in jail in the USA, she’s had her fair share of the headlines and has never shied away from letting her truth be heard anytime she had the opportunity.


Fantana is one of the few female entertainers that are heavily targeted by trolls. From her looks to her vocal proficiency to her spat with label mates, trolls always figure something to hit her with. Interestingly, she has never succumbed to the vitriol of such trolls.

She’s developed the knack of responding to trolling with such class, poise and elegance, attributes that many if peers do not possess. Impressively, she ends up turning such trolls into fans.


Fantana leaving Rufftown Records is not the first time an artiste has left his/her label and her spat with label mate, Wendy Shay is not the first time, artistes on the same label have had a go at each other, however, what we took away from her time with Rufftown is the fact that – she is bold, assertive and can hold her own when it becomes necessary.

New Music

After an 8-month lull, Fantana is back on the scene!

Under the auspices of Blown Management, she’s released a new song, the Mix Masta Garzy-produced No Dulling and it sounds good, receiving such rave reviews since its official release.

Aptairs Int. Music Production and Yaw Skyface among others, once again have released a quality music video to the new single and commentary over the video are already telling.

Fantana, Capo Tana is indeed back to take her place on the log, make room!


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