FAIR ENOUGH! Chief Charles Cautions Mr Eventuarry

Mr Eventuarry

Following how social media sensation Supa a.k.a GH Tupac couldn’t stay consistent in the showbiz industry; it seems people are having fears for new social media sensation Mr Eventuarry. Entertainment critique and Showbiz Agenda pundit Chief Charles has revealed some interesting practicalities which could be used to sustain new social media sensation Mr Eventuary in the showbiz industry.

Mr Eventuary came through the limelight with his comic laughter and grammar” you don’t know warris going on and Eventuary”. Discussing about how he could sustain his stardom on “Showbiz Agenda” on Zylofon 102.1, Chief Charles who was a pundit on the show, told host Sammy Flex that, there should be a scriptwriter who can always write for him to perform.

“Sammy there should be a scriptwriter to always script something for him. Now he is known as a comedian and he should always get something to offer if not he will not stay longer. If he were to be an American, they would have gotten him a scriptwriter, so I think his management should get him a scriptwriter. So that they will always write something for him, if not he wouldn’t stay longer with his stardom” he advised.

According to Chief Charles, because social media sensations do not expect their stardom and fame, they should always get scriptwriters who will always write something new for them to perform. He further stated that, people might take advantage of him to benefit from his works.

“You see Sammy, maybe Mr Eventuary might not have seen 10,000 cedis before. People might take advantage of him. They could go for a show and be paid 10,000 dollars and he will be given 10,000 cedis and you could see him happy. If he doesn’t stay consistent and the fame happens to die off, he could suffer because he couldn’t save much” he concluded.

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