EMPTY POCKET! Most Played Song, Yet No Money Made-‘Chocho Mucho’ Hitmaker

Highlife musician, Bless

With just a single hit song, the likes of Patapaa (One Corner) and Atom (Ye Wo Krom) claim they have built houses from the money they made but that is not the case of Highlife musician, Bless, who says he is yet to make any money from his popular song, Chocho Mucho.

“The way Chocho Mucho is flying all over Ghana, I should have been able to purchase a car or my account should have been full by now but that is not the reality, I am yet to make money from my hit song,” he told Showbiz last Monday.

Bless said although Chocho Mucho is one of the most played songs in Ghana at the moment, it does not reflect in his pocket.

“Although I was able to play a couple of shows last year, most of them were supporting colleague musicians who were either hosting a concert or launching an album and what that fetched was nothing to write home about,” he explained.

Bless, real name Bless Kwabena Boateng said he would have become a big name by now if he were a musician in another country.

“In other countries, such a beautiful song would have made me a lot of money. So if any big man is touched by the song and wants to give me a small car to use it,it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all,” he said.

On how he was able to get Chocho Mucho to become a hit, Bless said it was not easy pushing the song. “What people don’t know is that the song has been around for the past two years but it is everywhere now because of the effort I put in.

“Also, I am grateful to these two ladies, Gifty and Rakia, who did a video of themselves dancing to the song. I had not less than 500 people sending me the video of Gifty and Rakia dancing to Chocho Mucho affirming that the song was catching up,” he said.

Bless also revealed he sent in Chocho Mucho for consideration for Highlife Song of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards last year but it didn’t make it.

He added that the disqualification almost killed his career because he knew it is a good song.

Bless was under Mark Okraku Mantey’s Slip Music for four years before moving to his new management, STB House Entertainment in 2016 headed by Haruna Yakuba. Bless released his maiden album, Medenda on the Slip Music label. has the song below for you.


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