Ebony’s Driver Tells What Actually Caused The Fatal Accident From His Hospital Bed

Ebony is no more with us and that has made many sorrowful.

Many accounts have been given about the fatal accident but nothing had been heard from anyone involved in the case until Adom TV interview the driver who was handling the dancehall star and the two others.

The driver speaking from his hospital bed said the whole country is crying because he tried saving a Sprinter bus from crashing. According to him, the speeding Sprinter bus after a dangerous overtaking gave him a highlight to pave way for him.

After swerving for the Sprinter to pass, Ebony‘s driver said, he realised there was a heap of sand which he also tried to swerve.

In his bid to avoid crashing into the heap, the Jeep slid into the path of the oncoming VIP leading to a head-on collision.

Watch the driver giving the account below:

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