THEY DON’T PAY! Big Artists In Ghana Refuse To Pay For Beats – Ephraim

One of the young, enterprising beat makers in the country, Ephraim, has called out the big guns’ in the music industry for their refusal to pay for productions. monitored as he poured his sentiments on ‘The Lounge’ with Jackie, a segment of Metro TV’s ‘Smash TV’.

Ephraim has worked with virtually every big artist in Ghana, and every time he gets the opportunity, he chides them for not showing appreciation and most importantly, not paying for the productions that make their songs hit.

For sometime, the producer has also turned to singing, releasing one single over the another, giving the impression that, the refusal of artists paying and showing appreciation are the instigating factors for his move into singing, but he says otherwise.

Ephraim said, he was into singing before getting into full time production but he doesn’t shrug off the suggestion that the greed and selfishness on the part of the artists is part of the reason he’s into proper music production now.


‘I won’t work for the artists to chop the money alone,” he stated.

He went further to cite an example where he produced the hit single,’Sex Machine’ for Ruff n Smooth, which was bigger than R2Bee’s ‘Kiss Your Hand’ , although the 2 songs were big in Nigeria, but R2Bees were able to extol Killbeatz as the producer and placed the spotlight on him, contrary to what Ruff n Smooth did.

Ephraim also stated how he’s paid his dues as a producer and getting recognition from other revered producers in and outside the country, but not the artists.

” I did ‘Bra’  for Sarkodie and Zapp Mallet drove to my studio to commend me. Kaywa also called to show his admiration for the production,” Ephraim gloated.

Ephraim has released some quality songs with videos thus far in 2017 – ‘I Dey Craze’. ‘Broken Heart’, ‘ Calamity’ and others.

Check out ‘Broken Heart’ by the singer/producer




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