DO IT RIGHT! We Are Tired Of The Rants: Get Publicists

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

On the heels of the conversation hovering over Sarkodie and support for our artistes, the media has come under some castigation for what the critics claim, is the lack of support for Ghanaian artistes and entertainers in general.

Even before the Sardine-instigated topic, the media had always come under some scrutiny over the matters relating to support.

Some Ghanaian acts are currently on the roll, touring outside with various projects; from album promotion to concerts – and once again the Ghanaian media is under some form of attack over the so-called lack of adequate support.

Warped Mindset

For quite some time, an impression has been created that the Ghanaian media has not been supportive of these entertainers.  That imprint has trickled mainly from these entertainers to their followers.

Ghanaian entertainers are always quick to yelp how the media has been overly hospitable to foreign entertainers at the detriment of the locals.

From DJs not playing their songs to presenters not discussing them to bloggers and journalists not projecting their works – these Ghanaian artistes are always directing the blame to the doorstep of the media.

Unfortunately, that mindset pervades to the followers, who are quick to chastise the media for the so-called lack of support.

Feeling of Disappointment

 The aftermath of the now infamous interview of Sarkodie in Nigeria was greeted with such chagrin by a large section of the media.

Some high profile DJs and presenters were utterly disappointed in the commentary that Ghanaians do not give Sarkodie enough credit and they made their feelings known. Many entertainment journalists and bloggers were also gutted by the explanation that Ghanaians do not know what we have in Sarkodie.

Most media personnel scowled at the impression created and projected about the lack of support for Ghanaian entertainers.

Their disappointment is highly justified, considering the fact that, they (media stakeholders) hold on to the conviction that they have genuinely offered so much support and appreciation to these entertainers.

 The Media Supports

The notion or talk about the media not being supportive of Ghanaian entertainers is a fallacy. The media has been overly supportive, on all fronts; from music being played by DJs/Presenters to their issues and projects being discussed on TV/Radio programs to articles being written for them.

When these entertainers are having their album releases, film releases etc., the media projects. When they have their concerts, the media is always there to promote and when they win their awards, the media has always been there to shout it out.

When they grab endorsement deals, the media projects them and when they go out there to make donations with whatever Foundation they have, the media is always there to follow them and project the news.

Websites and blogs have been publishing and posting materials for these entertainers for years and these entertainers are very much aware of the level of support they derive from such personnel.

Get Publicists

Wiyaala is on an international tour, she didn’t travel with a publicist. Stonebwoy has been mounting some high profile stages outside Ghana; he went with no publicist. D-Black is outside making business moves in Zanzibar and other countries, he went with no publicist and Sarkodie is outside Ghana promoting his new album and you guessed right – he went with no publicist.

Yet, all these artistes and their followers expect the media to publish and post their endeavours outside Ghana with such details. How? Are media personnel magicians?

Some of these entertainers do not have a grasp of who publicists are and what they do. The few who know also refuse to contract and utilize such professionals.

These entertainers are comfortable posting their endeavors on their respective social media handles then they will turn around and blame the media for not offering their platforms to share such news? Where is the media supposed to get such information from? The Skies?

Even with no proper information, these journalists and bloggers still pick such news from the feed of these entertainers and post, yet, they are accused of not showing enough support.

Show Appreciation

 The succour provided by the media for our creative space is inestimable. The media has been overly supportive to these entertainers and it’s about time they start showing some gratitude.

In the ecosystem of an entertainment industry, every role player is important and deserves all the recognition and respect.

For such efforts placed in projecting our entertainers, the media needs commendation and the encouragement to do more.




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