DIVINE SELECTION? We Once Rejected Joe Mettle Because His Divine Time Was Not Up – Soul Winners

Soul Winners

Robert Konadu, a member of award winning music group, Soul Winners has disclosed on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM that, joining the group is by divine selection. monitored!

He told Sokoohemaa Kukua on the mid-morning show that one cannot just get up and join the group because it is by divine selection.

According to him, because the group is by divine selection, award winning musician, Joe Mettle made an attempt to join the group some years back but because his time was not up, he was rejected.

‘’Joe Mettle some years back wanted to join Soul Winners but we denied him, we didn’t allow him because his time wasn’t due. At a point, we invited him to join. He was doing stuff on his own so we invited him to join us and we recorded Wala Aboloo with him, we did some few works with him before he went to school and eventually went solo.’’

He went on to state that, because Joe Mettle was accepted into the group at the appointed time, he has grown to become a household name in the gospel industry.

“Can you imagine; Joe Mettle is now a big star by divine selection…There are other people who have also excelled,’’ he noted.

His comments later drew a condemnation from a listener who expressed disappointment and asked him to retract and apologize but he responding by saying he never meant to say anything bad about Joe Mettle and admonished listeners not to take him out of context.

The group he stated is not a stagnant one and people are added when the divine time is up adding, the group has trained a lot of people because the group is an academy institution but it is by divine selection.

On how they specifically select people to join the group, OB who was also with Robert said, the standard of the group is extremely high hence the person should be extremely skillful.

You have to play to meet the team because it is about team work. And so, if you are not able to stand the team’s cohesion and play well, then you are not able to jell.

So we are looking at people who can play well and also play as a team. And so if you have studied, it is not about individuals. That’s why we still have Soul Winners. If it is about individuals, we would have been down by now. But because it is a team work, at your exit, there is somebody who is capable and skillful to replace you,’’ he said.

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