DISCIPLINE! No Unclassified Content On TV Starting May 1 – Nat. Film Authority

The system ought to work, and it must start from somewhere – is hopeful.

The National Film Authority has said from 1st May 2021, no television station, cinema theater or movie screening centre shall show any unclassified audiovisual content reports.

A statement issued and signed by Chair of the Film Classification Committee, Socrates Safo on Wednesday April 7 said a right owner, licensee or assignee who desires to exhibit an audiovisual content shall submit the content to the film classification committee for examination and classification at least 21 days before the intended exhibition.

“As it is stated in the Development and Classification of Film Act 935, all audiovisual content shall previewed and classified before exhibition. After several consultations with various stakeholders of the audiovisual industry in Ghana, the general public is hereby expected to note the following;


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