COOL PUNCHES! ‘Signing Signatures Is Just For Showmanship’ – Juliet Asante Jabs Yvonne Nelson

Juliet Asante

What an interesting industry the film has in Ghana! While some are busily looking for signatures to a petition, others are shooting it down with tact, and of course, some are also hitting the streets, demonstrating aimlessly over the show of telenovelas on our screens – is saying this!

Filmmaker, Juliet Asante has downplayed the efforts of Yvonne Nelson in trying to galvanize some filmmakers in signing a petition to government on the lack of funding for the film industry.


Juliet, originator of the Black Star Film Festival, speaking to KMJ on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on Hitz FM, stated that, the industry’s problems go beyond the signing of signatures.

She said, that the signing of signatures is for just a show, a form of showmanship and she is beyond the cause.

She admonished Yvonne Nelson and her compatriots to go beyond the mobilization of signatures and the presentation of a petition to government.

Yvonne Nelson


In a smart but sarcastic move, Juliet commended Yvonne Nelson for her effort in doing her bit to get signatures and present a petition.

She hailed the young actress/filmmaker for her decision to create some awareness to some ills in the industry, albeit, falling short of endorsing the whole scheme.


Juliet also noted that, she invited Yvonne Nelson to the Black Star Film Festival, which was a held some months ago in Ghana, but the she never showed up.

“We sent her an invitation but she never turned up or responded to the invitation,” Juliet lamented.

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