HOW? Comedian, Foster Romanus Booed Off Stage @ Glo Laffta Fest In Accra?

According to Kofi Duah, a reporter for Graphic Showbiz and, Ghanaian comedian, Foster Romanus, was booed off stage for a joke he shared over the weekend at the Glo Laffta Fest in Accra. The reporter even described the comedian’s material as a gaffe – just because it was not well-received by a section of the audience.

Read his report;

Everything was going fine at the Glo-organised Laffta Fest which came off on Sunday night at the Fantasy Dome of the Trade Fair Centre in Accra until Ghanaian comedian, Foster Romanus took his turn on stage.

He started out well enough, exhibiting his singing prowess and taking off with some good jokes but before anyone could say ‘Jack’ he hit below the belt by calling Nigerians armed robbers.

This did not go down well with the many Nigerians in the audience and even some Ghanaians. And when some people in the audience shouted ‘away’, Foster left the stage just minutes into his act. Clearly, he had had a bad night.

The Glo Laffta Fest is part of the telecommunications company’s relaunch onto the Ghanaian market. It ushered in the Glo Mega Shows, a marathon mix of music and comedy which will run between August and October.


Laffta Fest brought together some of the finest comedic acts in Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, who made the night memorable for the patrons some of who flew in from Nigeria.

Apart from the gaffe with Foster, the other comedians put up great performances and gave the audience plenty to laugh at.

The only female on the bill, Jacinta, received loud cheers from patrons who enjoyed every bit of her time on stage.

She received continuous applause for her jokes, some of which were based on the difference between how a Ghanaian man and Nigerian man will woo a lady and her experience on buying a phone at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.


Seyi Law also gave a good account of himself. His joke about women acting surprised at what they already know went down well with the audience while his bit about children reciting what the alphabets stand for was exciting.

It seemed the comparison between Ghana and Nigeria was the order of the day because when Ugandan comedian, Salvador, took his turn he talked about the difference between Ghana and Nigeria in the way one is received at the airport.

According to him, the Nigerians do it with aggression while Ghanaians are cool and calm. He also said God should create women with radio fixed on them so that one can easily lower it when they are nagging.

DKB took a swipe at embassies for asking stupid questions and didn’t spare the Ghana police who he said will collect money from you no matter what. His jokes about his head being big was very funny and had the audience in stitches.

Bovi was the man on fire. Imagine him saying that he enjoyed jollof at a restaurant when he came to Ghana so he asked to see the chef only to realise that he was a Nigerian.

He said he liked Ghanaian celebrities because they are always in the news for interesting reasons. He said Nadia Buari was so secretive that one could ask her anything and she would not know.

He also said Joselyn Dumas’ figure was a three-in-one so any man who marries her is a polygamist.

Bovi also did a bit on cheating husbands and took swipes at Ovation Magazine’s Chief Dele Momodou and actor Van Vicker.

When Basket Mouth took his turn, his advice for everyone was that the jollof war between Ghana and Nigeria must stop, “while other countries are fighting over oil, we are fighting over food, jollof is jollof and food is food so let’s just stop.”

He also shared his experience about visiting a strip club in Manchester and asked if there was one he could visit in Ghana.

It was generally an exciting night filled with enough laughter to keep patrons happy. Lovely actresses, Juliet Ibrahim from Ghana and Uche Jumbo from Nigeria hosted the event.

After the Laffta Fest, the Glo Mega Music show will follow on Saturday, August 25, at the Fantasy Dome.

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