CLAP BACK! I Am Posting Whatever I Want – Ahoufe Patri To Critics

Life under the spotlight has never been rosy – with every Tom, Dick and Harry getting the opportunity to wade into your business and Ahuofe Patri’s business has been the business of many for quite a long time – is aware of this fact!

After the release of her photo shoot images of her smoking, critics are back on her business, reiterating the longstanding argument of her being a smoker and this time, the actress born Patricia Opoku-Agyeman had something for her critics.

She wrote, “Asem ni s3, I’m just a girl trying to live my life. I can decide to do whatever I want to do and hopefully to please my God and myself and that includes wearing whatever I want and posting whatever I want. We would all have to live with it. I advice you do same.”

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