BUSINESS MINDED! Pamela Odame Turns Down Delyas’ “Go Back To School” Offer

Pamela Odame

Pamela Odame Watara has disclosed that she has rejected Delay’s offer to support her go back to school.

According to Pamela who is also an actress, she prefers to start a business instead.

In an interview that was sighted by, the video vixen made comments concerning the news that Delay wanted to help her go back to school.

She noted that after Delay made the revelation, she sat down with Delay to discuss the options concerning schooling. Pamela revealed that after deliberations with Delay, the popular TV host will now help her in the aspect of business.

She admitted that education is good but considering her current situation, it is best for her to start a business.

Pamela added that she will reject a free scholarship from Wisconsin University, the school she once claimed to be a student of which turned out not to be true.

Her reason remains that she only wants to start a business for now so she can be able to take good care of herself. Pamela’s comment followed an announcement made by Delay during her interview with the former on the Delay Show.

On the show, Delay mentioned that she is interested in helping Pamela go back to school since she is still young. But it seemed Pamela has a different plan as she revealed that schooling will not be the right move for her at the moment.

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