BROKEN BEFORE! He Couldn’t Work For Weeks Because Of A Woman-Fiifi Banson

Fiifi Banson

Ace Broadcaster, Fiifi Banson has said while growing up, a woman broke his heart that he could not work for three weeks.

According to him, he loved the woman and thought he could build a life with her but she had other dreams so they had to break up and go their separate ways, a development that affected him physically and emotionally.

He mentioned that while dating the unnamed lady, he never cheated on her and till date is yet to come to terms as to why she opted for a separation.

Fiifi Banson indicated that after the break-up, he could not work for three weeks because he wept uncontrollably and thought his entire life had come crumbling down. further took note as he mentioned on Starr Chat with Bola Ray that he, however, picked himself up and moved on with life.

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