BLUNTNESS! ‘Mark Okraku Mantey Is A Hyprocrite’

Some industry players have been quick to show their displeasure with music producer, Mark Okraku Mantey, for his decision to oversee the Creative Arts Council as President – can state!

The show of discontentment for Mark’s appointment is not stemming from his abilities in doing the work but from comments he passed some weeks ago on the Creative Arts as an industry and its players.

The famed producer claimed he turned down an offer from persons in Government for the role Of Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, because he didn’t want to be boxed or limited to that sector only and the players in the Creative Sector are not supportive.

“My political ambitions would not be destroyed by the creative arts. Anytime someone from our space takes up a position; the agenda is to bring him down and I don’t want people to think that all I can do is creative arts. Don’t box me into creative arts when I can do other things,” he said on Joy FM.

Kofi Asamoah

Film producer, Kofi Asamoah lashed out at Mark Okraku Mantey, calling him a hypocrite.

He blasted on Hitz FM saying;

“Mark sat on national television and on radio and stated that, he doesn’t want anything to do with people within the Creative Arts. His acceptance to be Head of the Creative Arts now is hypocritical.”

Ola Michael also made the same call, tagging the producer as a hypocrite!

“Yes, he is a hypocrite. He stated that, because of ‘pull him down’ syndrome, he doesn’t want to take any position in the sector.”

In defending his decision to take the role, Mark told KMJ on Hitz FM, that, he reluctantly took the post.

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