TOO BLUNT? Your Husband Provided Your Lifestyle – Delay Tells Kafui Danku

Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, is noted for being crude and blunt in her line of questioning and when she had the opportunity to prod actress/producer, Kafui Danku, on the ‘Delay Show’ – her attributes as host were in full exhibition – as monitored by

Delay was direct in her questioning when she told the actress that, her current lifestyle can only be attributed to her Canadian husband.

“Your husband provided your lifestyle. You drive a Toyota Prado, he bought you a house in a very expensive vicinity and you are a happy woman,” she told the actress.

The actress was not entirely in agreement with the assertion, stating;

“I was already driving a Toyota Highlander and I lived in Dzorwulu.”

“Your house in Dzorwulu was rented but you now own a house,” the host rebutted.


After a little nudging, the actress/producer admitted to the statement of her husband providing her current lifestyle.

The Happy Deathday producer, shared how her husband, Mr. Kojo Pitcher approached her for the first time.

“He approached me with swag and he was a gentleman about it.”

She also stated that, her husband is twice her age and the thought of their kid, Lorde, hitting 30 and her dad being that old, has crossed her mind before, but, she takes consolation of the fact that, there are 80 and 90-year olds who are strong and healthy.

The ‘Delay Show’ now airs on GhOne TV this and every Sunday at 6pm.

Pix courtesy -Bamprint Media

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