BLOGGERS ABR3! Sonnie Badu ‘Curses’ Bloggers Who Reported On His ‘Death’

The Minister is pissed and he is raining ‘curses’ on persons who wish him dead – and such persons are, of course – bloggers!

The musician, after making to video to assure fans that the news of his death is false, has issued another vile post, threatening legal action against bloggers and websites that posted  the false news.

But wait, there’s more!

The Minister also issued an ultimatum that; the bloggers have 3 weeks to experience death if they do not pull down the post.

On Sunday, February 26, news from the camp of the artiste that went viral with a photo of the artist on a hospital in Australia stated that he was on admission.

After some blogs reported on the false news about his death, management issued a statement debunking the news.

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