BIGGER THAN SLAP! Shatta Wale Has Released 111 Songs Thus Far In 2017

Is anybody astounded by this news? Not quite, because we know he’s capable and he’s almost done it before – releasing unprecedented number of songs before the year closes – knows!

In a report filed by Hitz FM’s Maxwell Amoafia, the reporter claims that, Shatta Wale, has released a staggering number of 111 songs by the 29th of November, 2017 – and we have 3 more weeks to go to end the year.

With 3 more weeks to go, it is expected that, the ‘Taking Over’ hitmaker would add on to the number, considering the fact that, he is said to release 2 songs per week.

The report also claims, all the songs have varied subjects; beef songs, motivational ones, tribute songs, self-aggrandizement songs and life-related songs. It has claims that there’s one song among the 111, ‘Freedom’, which has Shatta saying only 2 words in the song.

Clearly, some of the nationwide hit songs released in 2017 include ‘Ayoo’, ‘Taking Over’, ‘Hosanna’, ‘Forgetti’ and others.

This number projected by Hitz FM is yet to be endorsed or repudiated by the artist himself.

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