BETTER LOOK! Fans Shower Praises On Ahuofe Patri For Her Latest Photo

Ahuofe Patri

A photo of Ahuofe Patri caused ‘confusion’ on the internet recently. Her fans and followers attacked her for looking ‘ugly’ in that photo. observed!

Ahuofe has shared a new photo and this time, her fans are praising her for it.

Ahuofe Patri, born Priscilla Opoku-Agyemang, came under a barrage of attacks last week for looking “ugly” in a photo, according to social media users.

She was said to have worn too much makeup on her face, wearing a wayward hairstyle, making her overall appearance in the photo very ugly.

Interestingly, few days later, Ahuofe Patri has released a stunning photo of herself smiling broadly obviously to prove that she is not ugly after all.

Ahuofe Patri might have taken to heart the report in which she was pronounced ugly, therefore, to remedy the situation and correct the mindset of people about her, released this new photo.

Patri herself shared this photo to her Instagram page with caption wishing her fans and followers a “happy Sunday”.

Her social media fans have heaped praises on her for this photo, with most of them advising her to keep up her look in this photo, and not to return to her ‘wayward’ hairstyle and look anymore.

For instance, a fan by name Renee was surprised to see the stunning look, and urged Ahuofe to keep it up.

deyrenee: Waooow continue to keep this look @priscilla_opoku_agyeman.

Ohemaa was specific about Ahuofe’s hairstyleohemaa_framah_yeboah: Pls don’t change ur hairstyle.u look good with the cut.”

Cliff was charmed by Ahuofe’s smilesdehyiecliffclothing: “The smiles alone @priscilla_opoku_agyeman.

Jenny saw that Ahuofe’s look in this photo really goes with her namemizjenny123: “Aho)f3 (beatuy) indeed.”

Nana Thomas also added his voice to the ‘keep it up’ campaignnanathomas5077: “Hi I really like more, keep it up.”

Ahuofe Patri was in the news lately for saying that she is still learning how to keep her private life separate from her professional life.

She has also been accused by a family member of being addicted to smoking, an allegation Ahuofe Patri has refuted with all her might.

Her friend and colleague, Kalybos, also waded into the controversy, defending Ahuofe in the drug addiction allegation.

Watch the stunning picture of Ahuofe Patri

By Deborah Kotei

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