DEEP! Best African DJ In 1993, Tells His Story-Reverend Azigiza Jnr.

Victor Kpakpo Addo Jnr

Reverend Azigiza Jnr., born Victor Kpakpo Addo Jnr has revealed that he dated 17 beautiful girls simultaneously in his Disk Jockey (DJ) days at a time he was the talk of the town.

Describing himself as a ”player” back then, Rev. Azigiza Jnr said he was good at maneuvering his way in his womanizing behavior such that he was not caught by any of the ladies he was in a relationship with.

Speaking on Starr FM Wednesday, the former Best African DJ who wielded so much influence on the youth during his heydays said he used to quote certain Biblical passages to enable him have his way with christian girls.

“Those days I used to read the Bible to chase ‘CHRIFE’ girls, I had my own demonic interpretation of the Bible. There were certain scriptures that I used and because those ladies were shallow, they fell for it. Those days some pastors will come to me wanting to talk to me about the Bible and they were too shallow, I was deep.”

He noted that his greatest regret in life is the fact that he didn’t find God early.

Rev. Azigiza Jnr is known for his overwhelming triumph in 1991 as the Best West African DJ, Best African DJ in 1993.
He was an embodiment of entertainment and the turntable.
Azigiza Jnr started his dick jockey career in 1991 on radio as a presenter and DJ hosted programmes such as Joy FM’s Joy Beach Jam, Guinness Music for Your Dancing Feet on GTV, Video Vibes and the Azigiza Show.

He was the resident DJ for most of the big nightclubs in Accra like Miracle Mirage, the Golden Egg and Glenns.

He abandoned his DJ profession in 1998 when he became a born-again Christian and that is when his transformation started.

Rev. Azigiza Jnr enrolled in some Bible schools and has since become a minister of the gospel.


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