Berla Mundi Finally Agrees With Yvonne Nelson!

What started off as a feud between talk show host, Berla Mundi and actress Yvonne Nelson, seems to have taken an interesting turn with both television goddess coming to an agreement.

Berla Mundi ignited a passionate rant from Yvonne Nelson on twitter late last year during a discussion to review 2017 on GHone. Berla and her hosts highlighted various events during the year under review, which included Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy with a man alleged to be married.

Yvonne Nelson, who has been very protective of her baby, fired shots at Berla on twitter and accused her of rather sleeping with a married man.

@berlamundi you’ve been dating a married man and you have the guts to spread lies about me on your show with your clueless guests…do some research, go on @myeyeswide rumors and people. you claim you are all about empowerment.

Yvonne tweeted again,

@berlamundi Don’t rain curses into your 2018. A bunch of bitter women in this industry, I’m only commenting on this because I thought you were smarter than the rest and because I casted you once.

To the disappointment of the twitter addicts in the country who followed with keen interest, Berla never replied a tweet from her about women empowerment, that was close to a reply deleted moments after.

Meanwhile, Yvonne Nelson who is known for saying it as it is, has been tweeting about single mothers and irresponsible fathers since then. One of her tweets caught Berla Mundi’s attention and she had a reply.

Yvonne tweeted “if you’re a man and don’t take care of your kids, f*ck you!!!!”

Moments after star drive started, Berla Mundi commented on the tweet. She initially declined to comment on the tweet when asked to do so by Geovanni Caleb. But she gave up and said “lets talk about irresponsible fathers, it is unfortunate” and went on a joke about creating headlines out of the comment. waits to see if Yvonne will clap back, though unlikely, keep your eyes glued here for more on this!

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