BEEF TILL DEATH! After 15 Years, 50 Cent Still Causing Confusion In Ja Rule’s Camp

This feels like the early 2000’s all over again. Can you believe Ja Rule and 50 Cent’s beef dominating headlines in 2018?

Yesterday, there was a massive rumor that 50 Cent was in the process of buying Ja Rule’s masters. It was simply a rumor and we didn’t know the truth.

Well, Ja Rule heard the chatter and he responded to it. He posted that he owned his masters.

Oddly enough, Irv Gotti, CEO of Murder Inc. , Ja Rule’s label, undercut his brother’s notion of ownership, clarifying a bit.

Few hip hop feuds are as long-running, or exasperating, as the ongoing rivalry between 50 Cent and Ja Rule.

The two rappers have been throwing jibes (and the occasional punch) at one another since 1999. Their conflict has been simmering ever since, but flared up again in January this year.

Ja Rule couldn’t help but lash out, and since then things have been more tense than ever, with their back-and-forths on social media serving as a by-product of a dispute that began in the streets.

Most recently, 50 Cent decided to try and troll Ja Rule by purchasing 200 tickets to his forthcoming show in Las Vegas, for a total of around $3,000 – and leave the seats empty. Ja Rule seemed to find the prank just as amusing as Fiddy did (he still got paid, right?), and responded by posting an image of his rival with makeup photoshopped on


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