BEEF! It’s A ‘Beefing’ Season, Allow It!

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

You need a grip if you still lack the basic understanding that ‘beef’ and the release of  ‘diss’ tracks is part of the music industry, worldwide.  You even need a stronger grip on reality if you frown on the sudden wave of ‘beef’ and ‘diss’ songs inundating our industry now.

From Guru, Shatta Wale, Samini, Ponobiom to some of the guys in Kumasi, everybody is catching the wave of ‘beef’ and ‘diss’ tracks. Even rapper Tinny has got into the action of releasing a ‘diss’ track.

While the music lovers are overly excited over the current surge of artistes throwing lyrical jabs at each other, some industry folks are not amused and criticizing the move.

What’s ‘Beef’?

It is strange that critics of ‘beef’ and ‘diss’ songs do appreciate the fact that musicians also make songs based on emotions. When they fall in love, they sing and rap about it, when they achieve something, they make music about it, when they suffer heartbreaks or lose loved ones, they make music about it and when they feel like bragging about things they don’t own, they make songs. So, why can’t these same musicians make music over the disagreements they have with each other?

Critics Are Wrong

Legendary producer/musician, Zapp Mallet, offered his disapproval on the current wave of ‘beefing’. He posted sarcastically; “Your beefs are more engaging than your music. Are you a butcher or an artist…?”

Uncle Zap is full of knowledge and wisdom, with many years of expertise but he is dead wrong on this one.  Artistes make music, and ‘beef/diss’ songs are music too. It is also entirely not true that the ‘beefs’ of these acts are more engaging than their music.

These same artistes embroiled in the frenzy of ‘beefing’ have produced and still produce quality, engaging and chart-topping songs in this country and beyond.


The simple fact is that, ‘beefs’ generate attention, they instigate conversation and project the artistes unto the limelight, whether short-lived or long-lasting.

In this wave of ‘beefing’ season, artistes who, hitherto were floundering for some well-needed attention are getting mentions all over the place, getting the songs streamed and rotation on mainstream radio.

Just like any form of music, artistes make revenue out of ‘beef/songs’ too and there’s nothing discouraging about that.


Entertainment is excitement and what is entertainment without excitement? ‘Beef’ and ‘diss’ songs generate excitement among music lovers, fans, and industry stakeholders too – forget what they tell you!

The enthusiasm with which music fans clamour over ‘diss’ songs and ‘beef’ is the motivation that drives these artistes to expend energy, time and resources to record such songs, aside they wanting to get stuff off their chest.

The music is done for these fans and once they have depicted that they love it, would talk about it and patronize it, how dare you stop?

All Shall Pass

It is beats imagination why critics are fretting over this current trend of ‘beefs’.

‘Beefs’ are and would continue being a permanent feature in the music business but the careers of these artistes are not characterized by ‘beefs. This is just seasonal and it will blow off, just like any other trends.

When the fans and artistes get weary of the buzz, they would go back to making other forms of music and the fans would be talking about something else, then sometime later, some other acts would also have disagreements and that would lead to another wave of ‘beef’, it would fizzle out then the cycle continues. That’s the beauty of the music industry.




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