It Is Becoming Too Expensive To Own DStv

It is an undisputable fact that, over the years, Digital Satellite Television (DStv) by MultiChoice has accorded us with so much fun via television – providing various bouquets offering General Entertainment, Movies, Lifestyle & Culture, Sport, Documentaries, News & Commerce, Children, Music, Religion and Consumer channels to subscribers.

A couple of years ago, it was a privilege to own a DStv; having the ability to watch live football matches with quality pictures, live international awards and reality shows among others.

Now, it is excruciating to even have the DStv pole mounted on top of your house. The bills for the service have been shooting up astronomically; owning one is no longer fun. Today, you watch a soccer match, and you can’t even yell wholeheartedly when your favourite team scores. You yell and you quickly think about the sky-rocketing bill you have to pay at the end of the month, which seems to run quickly when it comes to DStv – strangely.

The thing has become too damn expensive it is no joke and a lot of people, many of whom were addicts of the service have packed their decoders and dishes somewhere. They can’t pay again!

Just recently, the Communication Unit of the Service Provider which is quick is sending messages, especially when it is about expiration of subscription and increment in fees – sent yet another alert: “Dear Customer, due to the input costs, DSTV subscriptions have been adjusted from 1st September. Premium –GHc335, CompactPlus – GHc 216, Compact –Ghc 138, Family –GHc 84, Access GHc 42, Xtra View – GHc30.”

Simply, if you want to enjoy live English Premiership, watch Big Brother Africa, perhaps, catch BET Hip Hop Awards and MTV Awards and also watch movies, all on one bouquet – then you must cough up GHc335 every month. Gracious God!

Do you blame MultiChoice? No! Afterall, whenever there is a little economic tweak, they don’t hesitate to let you feel it, right away. And what an appropriate reason for upping the ante always – input costs.

A survey conducted showed that many people who owned DStv had given up: some have shut it down and others have turned to other options (Yes, there are other boxes flying around that claim to offer some of the services DSTV provides, if not all).

Some also have shut down their decoders and found solace in patronizing the pubs that show live football matches on weekends.
Many subscribers are the working class and they agitate that, they spend less time watching. They spend most of their time at work; get home very late, watch say 30 minutes of repeated movies and series and only spend weekends enjoying the bouquet.
It therefore makes economic sense to them to pay GHc2 to Ghc3 every weekend at the pubs to watch premiership matches and rely on local TV, which continues to telecast all the exciting telenovelas. As for the soap operas and TV serial drama, downloading has always been the leeway.
For the faithfuls, who grouse over the exorbitant monthly bills but still remain loyal to the service due to their want of privacy and cozy ambience in enjoying their favourite programmes – have been mulling over the incessant repetition of movies on the bouquet.
Isn’t it amazing that, DStv can repeat a movie 20 times in a spate of four (4) months, why? What is our crime? The same movies show in the evenings, mornings, and afternoons.
On occasions when soccer seasons are over throughout Europe, it becomes draining and overly throbbing to own one; the repetition of movies, documentaries, music videos, series and whatever there is, leaves some subscribers no choice but to shut down and re-activate at a later date.
What’s even more infuriating is that, anytime there’s an announcement of a new channel to the bouquet, expectations are always high only for subscribers to frown at yet another pitiful addition, included only to buttress the old adage of ‘input costs’.

Few years ago, when another service provider, GBS entered the fray, they virtually ‘killed and buried’ DStv: their subscription fee was so affordable, almost every ‘atakpaame’ house even had their dish installed. And with the rights for the Premiership taken, DStv was doomed.
For some reason, GBS fizzled as quickly as they emerged but unfortunately, our longtime lovers, DStv seemed not to have learnt anything from that harrowing experience. Well, we wait; we only wait that another GBS will sweep us off our feet, and save us from this ‘torture’.

What’s more infuriating is the fact that: the DStv Subscription fee has always been pegged to the dollar rate, which means, while the dollar skyrockets, the fees ‘fly’ as high as the Dreamliner aircraft, yet, when the cedi shakes itself a bit and appreciates, the guys at DStv act nonchalant, refusing to do anything about the charges. Sheer wickedness!

MultiChoice should simply have a rethink on their charges. I guess it will make less business sense to them to make the service prepaid: if you insert your card, you get the feed, you remove it, and it goes off. You pay as and when you use it, not use it and still dole out plenty cash. Prepaid could do some magic on winning more and more customers, you know!

They should get more exciting channels. They are so many out there making waves. They are becoming like the police we watch in the movies shown on their channels: who come in late after everything is over. DStv only screens TV Series after everybody has watched the downloaded versions on their computers.
MultiChoice, upon going through their books, would realize that they have lost a great deal of subscribers over the years, all to due varied and obvious reasons. They surely can fix it, if they only they will listen and change their modus operandi. Until then, some will continue sulking, others will find alternatives and well, some others will simply shut up and suffer.



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