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BANGER ALERT ! Blakk Rasta Wades Into Marijuana Legalization With New Single, ‘Kofi Annan Says…’

Popular reggae artist/ activist, Blakk Rasta is back in the conversation – yes, the chatter of legalizing marijuana in Ghana,and this time, he expertly puts his sentiments in a beautiful piece, the new single, ‘Kofi Annan Says…’

‘Kofi Annan Says…’ is an ode to the legalization of marijuana, heavily based on commentary passed by the Former UN Head in February 2016, where the recognized diplomat called for the legalization of the narcotic.

Mr. Annan, who served as U.N. Secretary General from 1997 to 2006, has called for nations to legalize the herb as a way to combat the problem of drug abuse and illegal trafficking.

Kofi Annan

“Initial trends show us that where cannabis has been legalized, there has been no explosion in drug use or drug-related crime. The size of the black market has been reduced and thousands of young people have been spared criminal records. But a regulated market is not a free market. We need to carefully think through what needs regulating, and what does not. While most cannabis use is occasional, moderate and not associated with significant problems, it is nonetheless precisely because of its potential risks that it needs to be regulated,” Kofi Annan wrote.

Blakk Rasta, who has been making this same call for years, feels vindicated by the call of the Former UN Chief – and in recent time, Professor Alex Dodoo, CEO of Ghana Standards Authority, who is also of the conviction that, the economic potential of marijuana for the country was huge, stressing that it was about time authorities came up with a firm decision on taking advantage of the herb.

Prof. Alex Dodoo

On ‘Kofi Annan Says…’, Blakk Rasta reiterates his belief on the legalization, stressing the health and socio-economic benefits the county could derive from such a move.

The new single was pre-produced by Ephraim, recorded live by Blakk Rasta and the Herbalist Band and mixed by AB Afenyi.

‘Kofi Annan Says…’ is expected to be released over the weekend!


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