To be in a healthy relationship is naturally a good thing for every individual. Fights in relationships are inevitable, but how they are solved is one of the factors that determines how far the relationship can go. brings you ways on how to avoid irrelevant fights to enable you sustain your relationship.

1. Reflect on past memories

Think about the good times you spent together. Of course, people change but try to see the good in him and calm down. He might be facing some financial crises or things might be going on smoothly at work.
Try to be a good companion and support him during this phase of his life. When tempers are down, you can amicably discuss the issue with him.

2. Take a short break

Give your partner a day or two to think about the issue and calm down. He will reflect on why he is angry and how to approach the situation in a mature way.
Communication is key in any relationship, send him messages to find out about his general wellbeing and work-related issues. Give him some privacy is not a breakup.
Don’t take too long because he might contact other women for help and they will take advantage and steal him from you.

3. Ask yourself if you can live without him

Before you start yelling or saying all sorts of things to your boyfriend because he forgot to get you a cake on your anniversary or he didn’t get you the exact brand of Brazilian hair you request, ask yourself if you would be happy with him?
Your life should revolve around but he is the perfect guy for you and to err is human. If you value the important role he plays in your life, you will always pamper him and wish him well to put smiles on your face.

4.What are the causes of your fights?

You need to be able to identify the causes of your fight.

Think carefully about the root cause of your problems and uproot it immediately. Do you have a bad habit do you need to work on to save your relationship? Find it now and thrash it. Without sacrifice and commitment, no relationship can survive the test of time. Go for a date one Saturday evening and discuss how to make your relationship thrive.

5.Back off when you are in a bad mood.

As human as we are, there are some days when your tempers will be out of bounds. Just refrain yourself from getting into any conversations with your partner. If your partner starts a discussion that touches a tender nerve, just tell him/her something along the lines of “Look, it is best if we don’t talk right now.


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