AMBASSADOR IN CHARGE! A Big Shout Out To Rahim Banda

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

RAHIM Banda, the ebullient kid we all fell in love with on the screen, is shaping up to be an influential young chap and his impact is reverberating across the country.

There are so many ambassadors who were selected or appointed to champion one project or initiative by government but only a handful have been seen to be actually doing the work and Rahim Banda sits on top of that log.

As young as he is, this young man has been able to handle his education, multiple ambassadorial duties as well as other engagements and still stay grounded.

Ambassador extraordinaire

Unlike the appointment of another actor, Abraham Attah, which was met with some resistance for varied reasons, Rahim Banda’s appointment as an ambassador for the Free SHS project, an initiative by the current government was not met with any form of grumbling from stakeholders within the education sector.

Thanks to his handlers, Rahim’s works are out there for all to see. He is not just using the role and title to enrich his resume but is actually putting in the work.

Capitalising on his role as an ambassador, he commenced the “Back to School” project – with the aim of ensuring free and quality education for every Ghanaian kid of school going age.

The laudable initiative primarily distributes exercise Books to kids in very deprived areas across the country.

The effort may not be seen as gargantuan but to that street kid, who has little to nothing or that school kid that struggles for books, this move is divine.

Great strides

The “Back to School” project has visited many towns across the country in less than two years. From Sepaase to Offinso (all in the Ashanti Region) and many other places, Rahim Banda has touched base with Free SHS project, while sharing thousands of his branded exercise books.

Interestingly, the sort of endorsement he’s received and is still garnering for his project (s) is remarkable. From the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia to Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to ministers of State and other celebrities, high profile personalities are placing their respective stamps of approval on his brilliant move.

For the likes of Otumfuo and the Vice President to endorse a project simply means they have trust and conviction in it and are willing to put their reputation and everything they represent on the line.

On visits to almost every town, the welcoming party or durbar organised by the chiefs and people is a testament of how accepted Rahim, his role and his projects have become!

Above politics

Rahim’s dad and manager, the legendary Ahmed Banda, popularly known as Bandex is a staunch member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). There’s no doubt that the Bandex household is inundated with party colours and the tenets of the party have been projected in that household.

There could be little doubt that Rahim is a supporter of his father’s party, but his resolution to not use politics in his task as a Free SHS ambassador is commendable. His ability to avoid gloating about the party and government’s initiative is praiseworthy.

In a recent interview on the subject with the Ghanaian Times newspaper, Rahim said politicians did not have to politicise the country’s educational system especially the Free SHS, which is intended to provide every Ghanaian child access to quality education.

According to him, branding education in political colours would undermine its purpose and also make it difficult for stakeholders to effectively tackle issues related to quality and sustainable education.

He also indicated that education is an important aspect in one’s life, thus necessary policies should be implemented to inspire children to go to school.

A grand future

Rahim Banda is an intelligent chap. He exudes confidence, intellect and eloquence and he’s such a delight to watch or listen to. At his age, he surpasses expectations on how his kind should conduct themselves in this part of the world.

In an interview on EtvGhana on the state of the movie industry, he had this to say, “The acting industry is not a stable place. At the end of the day when everything passes, it is your education, degree and Masters that will add value to your life. I just want to complete school and get a better foundation for wherever I want to be.”

In another interview with Times Weekend on how he wants to be remembered, his answer was, “I want people to remember me as a humble person and someone who respects others irrespective of their age.”

More Rahim Bandas

There are equally brilliant young folks out there like Rahim Banda, who have had the exposure and possess the ability to spearhead movements and projects in support of the government and other corporate brands.

What they need is the encouragement and support from parents, their tutors and handlers to come up with stimulating ideas that would translate into projects like “Back to School” that would surely change the lives of many.

Rahim Banda needs all the support, from government to corporate to media, to take this initiative to as many towns and cities within the country.


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