ALREADY BLOWN! I No Longer Stress About Making Hit Songs-Tic


Musician Tic has replied to comments that he is struggling to maintain relevance in Showbiz circles by trying to release hit songs.

The celebrated musician boycotted all rumors under claims that he has already made his mark and has nothing to prove to anyone.

He told Sammy Flex in an interview on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM, ”I don’t really stress about hit songs anymore. I need to make that clear.” recorded!

When people say I want to blow, I just think they missed the point. I have nothing to prove, I have already blown,” Tic added.

He stated that, at this stage in his life, he is only interested in releasing songs that do not fall below the standard he set for himself when he was in his prime.

According to him, the main focus is that any song he releases is a good one so as to not ruin the reputation he has set for himself.

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