AIMING HIGH! Wendy Shay To Take Ghana To The “Map”

Wendy Shay

One name that has been catching the attention of all the African music lovers in 2018 is ‘Wendy Shay‘. Recently, she has disclosed her wish and expectations of where she wants the Music industry to go.

In an interview on  ‘Celebrity Fun Zone’, Wendy Shay without obvious pretense discloses how passionate she is about the music industry in Ghana and also, how far she wants the industry to go. monitored!

“I really want to take Ghana to the map, i really want to take Ghana out there through music coz,  we see our Nigerian brothers and sisters. When you say Afrobeats, the response is more like ” Oh ibi Niga girl?” and so i’m like no it doesn’t have to be like that! It goes to the extent of people assuming i’m even a Nigerian.” she stated.

Responding to what her current biggest obstacle in her field of work may be, she thinks outsiders do not see Ghana for what they do and that the high-life Nigerians do is actually from Ghana. This is why there are people like her, Sarkodie and they likes mainly to promote high-life music.

To conclude, Wendy wants to be an activist for black people. Despite the negative experience she has encountered, she is determined to organize a major concert in Stuttgart where she grew up.

Check out her full interview below:

By Deborah Kotei

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