‘Agya Koo & Daddy Lumba TV’ Is A Joke, It Doesn’t Make Sense – George Quaye

Before her first ‘Meet The Press’ engagement, the Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Madam Catherine Afeku faced some severe criticism for lack of performance, and after meeting the press, she is still facing backlash – is just an observer!

Just days after political think-tank, IMANI, called her decision to establish ‘Akwaaba’ hotels wasteful and needless, popular broadcast journalist, Kwasi Aboagye of Despite Group of Companies, also described the Minister’s decision to create Agya Koo TV and Daddy Lumba TV as foolish.

Daddy Lumba and Agya Koo

This portal,, monitored as another celebrated industry stakeholder lashed out at the Minister for the ‘Agya Koo and Daddy Lumba TV’.

George Quaye, host of ‘Morning Zoo’ on Starr 103.5FM, stated on the show, that the initiative is a joke and does not make sense.

He wondered how and why the Ministry would come out with such a declaration.

“I think she just wanted to meet the press and tell them something,” he blurted out.

He also stated that, there are very experienced personalities in the industry and the Minister could have met them to solicit views on how the sector could be run with certain initiatives.

George, who is also the Head of Communications for Charterhouse Ghana, said that, some months ago, Socrate Safo of the National Commission on Culture, organized series of seminars where industry players shared quality ideas and he felt many of such expressions could have been utilized.

“Perhaps, there is no communication going on there,” he said.

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