Actor, Prince David Osei Says A Friend Almost Poisoned Him During His Birthday,Last Year. Here Is The List of Friends Who Were With Him!

Prince Osei shares some photos with his friends at the gathering

This portal, monitored in some shock as Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei made some startling revelation about an attempt on his life by his friend last year, during his birthday celebration.

Prince David Osei told Lexis Bill in an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy 99.7FM that, he was almost poisoned at a gathering to celebrate his birthday in December last year and the culprit is one of his friends.

The Incident

Here is his narration of the episode;

“I was trying to hang out with some folks and I felt I was cool with them because I felt we were friends and we were hanging. Unknowingly, someone had the intention of poisoning my drink and I didn’t see it. It was the waiter who saw it and called me out,” he revealed.

There’s more;

“So when he called me, I didn’t really get it – he told me ‘be careful don’t drink anything on the table’ and I was like why? Then he said he can’t tell me” but later revealed that somebody had put something in my drink,” he added.

The waiter, according to him, offered him something else to drink because he saw the person introduce the poison into the drink through his fingernail.

Oh there’s still more;

“I begged him [but] he said it was against the work ethic,” to reveal the identity of the person.

No Identity of Culprit

As monitored by, still in shock – the actor stated that the waiter failed to mention the name of the friend. It means that the actor is still walking around not knowing which of his friends has such damning intentions about him.

His Belief

The actor stated that he has a strong conviction that whoever tried to kill him, attempted it because of jealousy.

We Found The Venue & Friends Who Were With Him That Day

Prince David Osei is a celebrity and these personalities do not conceal anything anymore, especially not their birthday hang-outs, so, did some digging to find out exactly where the birthday celebration was held and which of his friends attended.

And yes, we got something;

On December 12, 2007,, the portal for the newspaper, Daily Guide, reported on the celebration.

Here is the part of the report which is of critical interest;

Actor Prince David Osei on Saturday night held a dinner gathering to, as part of his birthday, celebrate with some of his friends in the showbiz industry at the plush Coco Lounge in Accra.

Present at the gathering were Kafui Danku, Martha Ankomah, Majid Michel, Eddie Nartey, Peter Richie, Harry Bentsil, A-Plus, Selly Ghalley, Pascal Amanfo, Kofi Adjorlolo and a host of others.


If the actors’ account of the incident is true, then the any of the these guys is the culprit;

1.Kafui Danku

2.Martha Ankomah

3.Majid Michel

4.Eddie Nartey

6.Peter Richie,

7.Harry Bentsil


9.Selly Ghalley

10.Pascal Amanfo

11.Kofi Adjorlolo

12. Host of others


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