4×4 ‘AMANEHUO’! I Can’t Carry The Group Like Plantain Chips For Sale – Captain Planet


Since making his solo projects official, Captain Planet, the frontman of one of the biggest music groups in Ghana, 4×4 – has virtually floundered in projecting the notion that the group is not ‘dead’ – has taken note.

Every interview by Captain Planet on the group exposes more cracks in the group at the moment and again on Zylofon FM’s ‘Showbiz Agenda’ with Sammy Flex, the artist failed to convince music lovers on the standing of 4X4.

When he was prodded over his seeming failure as leader of the group, Captain Planet put out a solid defense by stating that, for many years, he has carried the group on his shoulders in making it one of the biggest in the country for over a decade and he needs to be applauded for his effort.

However, at this time of their careers, he can’t continue to carry the group like plantain chips for sale.

“I have a wife in London, a business in Kenya – I cant carry the group like Plantain Chips,” he stated.

In giving further explanation to the current status of the group, Captain Planet stated that, other members of the group have also been releasing solo joints but his aggression in pushing his songs is higher.

Captain Planet is on the roll, enjoying the popularity of his song, ‘Obi Agyi Obi Girl’, which is a ‘certified’ hit after the release of several songs.

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