$2M MANSION? Observers Doubt Sista Afia’s ‘Claim’ Of Having A $2M Mansion In Ghana

Here is Sister Afia’s claimed $2m house

In the ensuing petty squabble between singer, Sista Afia and actress, Efia Odo – reported in a story that, the singer has a $2million mansion in Ghana and was flaunting it on social media to mock the actress.

This move, according to the website, comes in the wake of the ‘Jeje’ singer jabbing the actress for her inability to afford Ghc 400 for the painting of her house – in her bid to defend another actress, Fella Makafui, who was abused by Efia Odo.

When the story of Sista Afia’s $2million mansion got unto the platform of, readers were quick to pass commentary on the subject as monitored by and almost off of them doubted the veracity of the story.

Efia Odo(left), Fella Makafui(middle) Sista Afia(right)

Here are some of the comments;

“Where did this nurse/singer get $2 million to afford a mansion like this?” – Kanawu

“She probably took a pic of one of her sugar daddy’s house. Ashawofuor calling themselves celebrities. Only in Ghana.” – Acasia

Some called her a liar too;

“Sister afia aka akyere bruwah… bokoo der? Even the house at i live in here is better looking that this and is not even over $4000.. u are a lair. See how u girls r misbehaving? Sleeping with married men for wine shops cars and stuff what r you teaching the kids? Hmmm ahh obaa anim tafuuu bi,” – Kwansima

Others also stated that, the house actually belonged to her uncle, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams;

“The house is just one of her uncles ;archbishop duncan Williams houses that was given to her for habitation when she returned from the UK,” – Kofi

“1.This house is not for her. 2. If you’re in Ghana and you bought this house for $2million then you’re a liar or a fool. Period.Do you know the kind of a mansion that $2million can build in America. Not to talk of Ghana where raw materials are sooo cheap. These cheap girls shouldn’t be giving audience at all” – Dr. Phil







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