Victoria Kimani Explains Why She Is Still Single And Searching

After strongly denying the rumor that she was dating Tanzanian sensational singer Diamond Platinumz, Bamboo’s sister Victoria Kimani has come out to clarify why despite her beauty she still has no man in her life. Speaking to Times FM, Victoria told her fans her reasons for remaining single for all this time and when she is planning to move onto the next stage of her life.



“I will get married when the right time comes, and the right time is when God will bring for me the right man.” Victoria told her Tanzanian fans during her radio interview.

“I cannot just give-in to a man blindly without thinking of the long term consequences, I must look at his qualities keenly since apart from being my husband, the guy will be the father of my children. Getting a responsible man who you connect with and has respect for God and himself at this age and era is not an easy task.” Added miss Kimani who has been touring Tanzania for over one week now.


Victoria also clarified to her fans the kind of man she would love to get married to and the qualities he has to posses. “I want a man who i will date to be proud of me as his girlfriend. He must show me love at all times, he must be God fearing and hardworking and creative in everything he does.”

“My man must take me out to different places to have fan, not just at one particular joint every now and then. I want to go for mountain climbing, to go swim at the beach and to tour different parts of the world. I wanna have fan and be happy throughout my life. A  happy person remains youthful for a longtime and that’s what I want in life.”

Victoria said it is easy to know a guy with genuine love despite all the tricks and creativity of men.

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