Tic Tac – I’m Not Struggling

Ghanaian celebrities despise negative press and when given the opportunity, they are always quick to respond to such news they regard as negative and they don’t miss a heart beat in calling writers out.

Hiplife artiste Tic Tac has responded to the article, “10 Artistes Struggling For The Next Hit Song” which was published weeks ago – in which he appeared in the 5th position on the list.

Reacting to the article, the artiste stated that he’s not struggling to make the next ‘hit’ song because he hasn’t even released his 7th studio album.

“I am not struggling because I have not dropped my 7th album. I have just dropped a single and in my own view, it’s not doing badly. If the writer claims I am struggling, then I don’t know what he’s trying to say,” he opined.

He explained that, the ‘PumPum’ song that used as an example doesn’t really tally because most of the time, when he releases a song, it takes about a year or a year and a half before it becomes a major hit.

“The only song I released that took me by surprise was ‘Shoddy’ which took less than a year to make a hit; the rest took more than a year to hit, and with the ‘PumPum’, I started promotion not too long,” Tic Tac added.

Tic Tac went on to lament that, it’s time the media learn more about the industry to know that new things excite people and new artiste excite people.To him, when a new artiste or a new song comes up and there’s a great buzz around it, it doesn’t mean other artistes have faded or have failed.

He agreed that there are ‘washed-up artistes’ with ‘wash-away songs,’ but he’s not a ‘washed-up musician’ and doesn’t have a ‘wash-away song;’ although sometimes it gets better and sometimes, things doesn’t go well.

He also mentioned that he has been on all the major musical concerts/shows in town, including international shows so; it will not be prudent for anyone to say he has faded. “People who think I have faded should continue thinking like that until they see me at my very peak so they stop thinking like,” Tic Tac hissed.

He also stated that, he has stood the test of time, and everyone know his style of music, his voice and even when he coughs, music fans know that he’s the one.Talking about his current state musically, he said that his fan base has increased and he sees himself at the peak and moving forward as the days go by.

He advised event organizers not to concentrate only on the new entrants when they organize shows and should also not concentrate only on the hit songs; but they should consider the ‘veterans’ who paved the way. According to him, the veterans have rich experience in music and can perform better.


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