VIDEO OUT! Sista Afias Message To Slay Queens Is Much Clearer

A scene from the video where she is seen not being friendly to a not so rich young man

The much-awaited music video for Sister Afia’s latest single, “Slay Queen,” is finally out. has it for you!

After listening to the song and watching the video, we can tell for a fact that the song has all it takes to make you move your feet.

Sista Afia with her unique voice adds another value to the beat and for the message she is sending in the song, you have to listen, atch and enjoy yourself.

In this song, Sista Afia exposes the lives of Slay Queens, how they make money and the way they treat a man who comes falling for them.

Sista Afia in the video is captured bringing her lyrics to life, to strengthen the message she has for the world.

She plays a role with DKB and Playboy, where she portrays a fake rich lifestyle to them in public, just to spend from their wallets.

So, DKB later found out Sista Afia isn’t who she says she is, he then followed his sources to see the ghetto Afia and her friends live in.

What do you think will be DKB’s reaction after investing so much in a “Slay Queen” who isn’t real after all?

Watch the video from below:



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