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Singing Is No Joke – Nana Konadu Rawlings

Many walk around with the misconception that singing is one of the easiest jobs in the world, where one enters the booth, spews out anything and it becomes a hit. Wrong! And one astute person who has come out to attest to how difficult the craft of singing is; is Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.

The former first lady of the Republic of Ghana and founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP), who has much interest in Ghana’s showbiz, confessed that, although she once had the desire for singing, she came to the realization that singing is not an easy thing. It is no joke at all.

She expressed her love for the art and shared her memorable experience with music and singing. According to her; she’s a type who loves singing and recounted a true story of when she attended her Auntie’s funeral some years ago and tried to sing but messed up. Her ordeal prompted her to t employ a voice trainer to help her fulfill her desire to sing.

“I went to the voice trainer to train so that I can use my singing skills to praise the Lord when I’m in the house of God, but when I was giving several chances, it still didn’t work out. It got to a point the trainer asked me if I talk a lot and I said yes, and that I have a Women Group I speak to, as well as speaking at many seminars and conferences, so, he asked me to stick to my talking and shun the singing. It is not an easy thing.”

As a regular face at major arts and entertainment-related events held in the capital city over the past years, Mrs. Rawlings, spoke at the album launch of Evangelist Diana Asamoah at International Charismatic Church, and said that; even God knows that things are hard and that Ghanaian musicians should continue to give Ghanaians hope through their music in this ‘broken’ economy.

“Ghanaian musicians can play a role in helping to change this country, by singing to give us hope in these difficult times,” she said.
The Founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP) had this advice; “Ghanaian musicians should sing from their souls and hearts so that politicians will know that, you are aware of what’s going on. Your heart should express it.”

She lamented that, when she speaks on issues that bother her and the country, people attribute them to political tactics and that, if we all don’t involve ourselves in speaking about it, things will definitely get out of hand.
By Mustapha Inusah/Razz Newspaper

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