Shutdown ‘King’: Fancy Gadam shuts critics up, fills the Theater

There’s nothing fulfilling and gratifying than gloating and backing it up – and that’s exactly what music sensation, Fancy Gadam did over the weekend.

Touted as the biggest sensation of the Northern Region, due to his surging popularity and his ability to be the first ever artist in the world to fill the 20,000 capacity Tamale Sports Stadium.

With the aim of proving that, he is not just big in Northern Region, the artist decided to organize a concert in Accra, at one of the biggest venues in the capital.


Critics played down on his ability to pull any form of audience at the venue, claiming the terrain in the capital city of Accra was different from Tamale. Some also played the card of popularity, asserting that, the young act’s lack of popularity in Accra could be his undoing.

His decision to organize his show at the National Theater a day after the organization of one of the well-attended events in Ghana, S-Concert – emboldened critics in their doubts.

Days to the event, the artist made what seemed like an audacious statement in his interview with popular entertainment newspaper, Graphic Showbiz, where he emphatically stated, that he is bigger than the likes of Sarkodie and Shatta Wale in the North.

Fancy Gadam, did not only prove that he is the ‘King of the North’ like Jon Snow in the hit series, ‘Game of Thrones’ – he also proved beyond all reasonable doubt that, he could match any other big artist in the ability to pull and fill any auditorium in Accra.

His ‘Gadam Nation’ concert was filled to capacity and the throngs of people at the venue could easily fill the same venue if he had done shows for different times.

The big 'guns like Ibrahim Mahama were there to support
The big ‘guns like Ibrahim Mahama were there to support

For the naysayers who thought his songs were not popular, especially in Accra, that notion was also shut down as patrons sang along to most of the songs he performed.

Interestingly, his show was attended by some ‘heavyweights’ in Ghanaian society including business magnate, Ibrahim Mahama, brother of President John Mahama.

Fancy Gadam - New 'King' in the making
Fancy Gadam – New ‘King’ in the making


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