I Did Run MUSIGA With My Own Money – Sidiku Buari

Former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana, (MUSIGA), Alhaji Sidiku Buari, has revealed that he used his personal money to run MUSIGA when he first assumed the role of President. Alhaji Sidiku Buari made such claim when Razz sought his opinion on the current state of the Union.

According to him, when he took over the presidency at MUSIGA, there was no office so they were operating at a small place whilst he worked from his house. They (MUSIGA) had to plead with government for a place as their official premises and after securing the office which was dilapidated, he used his personal money for renovation works.

On reasons why he had to use his money, Alhaji explained that he called on the veteran musicians and suggested an all-hands-on board approach to help raise money to renovate the office.

Some of the veteran musicians suggested selling compilation of their old albums to raise money to renovate the office. Although they did sell such compilations, the money generated from the sales was meager, so he had to use his own money for the renovation.

Mr. Buari added that his tenure was the most difficult in the history of MUSIGA leadership. According to him, he feels happy seeing the current state of the union; because the fruits being yielded today were borne out of their hard work.

On his take concerning the criticism Obour faces, he stated that, usually, Ghanaians do not value personalities who assume such leadership roles until they are no longer in power.

“In Ghana, when someone is making an effort or achieving something for its people, Ghanaians will criticize the person, Mohammed was criticized, Jesus Christ was criticized, so people will always criticize Obour even when he’s doing the right thing,” Alhaji Buari sympathized.

He went to say that he believes Obour is doing well and needs to be encouraged, but if anyone has any proof to show that Obour is enriching himself with the revenue meant for the Union, the person should present it or make it public.

He cleared the air that he doesn’t speak in favour of Obour: “I don’t speak in favor of Obour, but rather, all those who allege and complain about Obour’s administration have not been able to provide or give any evidence.” Alhaji also mentioned that, Obour should be held accountable to the Union after his term of office, so that, every individual would be convinced of his transparency and probity.

On the way forward for the Union, he advised that the since the Musicians’ Union is beginning to get money from the government, he will advise Obour to build a firm foundation in every region, get musical instruments for the regional offices so they can be active and work to feed themselves.

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