Obour’s Belly ‘Under Fire’

Award-winning hiplife star-turned-music administrator, Bice Osei Kufour aka Obour, has come under critical scrutiny in social media over his ever-growing weight and most-importantly, his paunch.


The MUSIGA President’s stomach which has grown bigger over the years took a lot of lashing on social media as patrons mocked his bulge  and attributed it to his ‘stealing’ of money from Musicians.

Followers on various portals lampooned his look, with some calling him lazy and not doing much in exercising. Others chided him for not being healthy-conscious as he is with music-related matters at MUSIGA. For others, Obour is simply siphoning all the MUSIGA money into his belly.

On entering the music industry, the artiste was very-well built and paid much attention to his physique. Obour’s weight went up during the making of his last two albums and after winning the MUSIGA Presidency 2 years, ago, his weight has taken a different proportion – a big ‘pot belly’.

obuor 2


MUSIGA under the direction of Obour are in the process of promoting the 2nd edition of GMW 2014 which comes off on the 3-9 March, 2014. The Festival will have an awards show, a concert and various exhibitions.

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